Creating A Good Fake Doctors Note

When you’re forced to take an unscheduled day off from work or school and you’re in danger of getting in trouble there’s a simple step you can take. Get a fake doctors note. Some people try to make a doctor’s note on their own. This can be a big mistake when your job or your grade is on the line. Few people know how to make a convincing doctor’s note. They rarely have the right paperwork. Most of them simply make their best guess and try to scribble one themselves or trust a friend or family member to do it for them. But they are usually unsuccessful. (The most bad-ass doctor’s notes I’ve seen so far are at Nothing else compares.)

Important Elements of a Good Fake Doctors Note

The key to making an authentic-looking doctor’s note is to have the right forms or drnotecollectionchunkpaperwork to copy it from. Not everyone has a good example or sample to work from. The best way to do this is to get a blank doctor’s note to copy it from. Without this it is hard to fool your boss or professor with your fake excuses. Unless you have a friend who can give you a free dentist note it will be hard to convince any employer who takes a close look at it. You have to have the right forms or paperwork to copy from if you are to be successful in fooling them.

In order to make a convincing doctor’s note you need several elements. They include:

1. Authentic looking forms
2. A plausible reason for being absent
3. A good doctor’s signature
4. A good plan

If you are missing any of those your chances of success are significantly reduced. Attention to detail is the key. The reason most people are not successful when they are trying to present a fake note from a medical professional or facility is because they do not pay attention to details. Does the excuse make sense? If you know your boss or professor will see you playing soccer later that day, don’t present a note from a podiatrist. If your wife or girlfriend gives you documents to use, make sure it is not from a gynecologist or a pediatrician. It may seem farfetched, but these things happen all the time.

Creating a Doctor’s Note

Looking at an old doctor’s note can really help if you are trying to make a fake one. Look at the signature. Does it say Dr. Frank Jones or Frank Jones MD? Those little inconsistencies can be a red flag for a boss, professor or human resources administrator. Your ability to get a good template from which to create your fake excuses increases your chances of making passable notes. If you can get a good printable fake note that makes it even better, as long as the note has all the correct fields and is from a local hospital or clinic.

Things to Consider

No matter what the real reason was for your unscheduled absence, you may need a convincing note from a medical facility to convince your boss or professor you really were ill but can now return without endangering yourself or others. While the reason for your absence must look legitimate, it must also be one for which you it is plausible for them to release you. Ideally you should be able to print out the blank form and fill in the date and other important information. Pay particular attention to the discharge date. Many a legit looking doctor’s note has been identified as fraudulent because it did not have the right discharge date and time.

Whether you download the forms you are going to use to create the fake doctors excuse, get one from a friend or try to make one on your own be sure the format is correct. It is also essential the form is not missing any information. Simply skipping afield could trigger a call to the doctor to verify the information. That error could end up costing you not only your job or your grade, but your reputation as well. It can mean the loss of something you have spent your entire life trying to establish. While you may be able to get a new job, becoming known as a cheat and a liar could follow you for a long time.

When The Unexpected Happens

Whether you live in New York or Los Angeles, Detroit or Dallas there comes a time in everyone’s life when they are forced to take an unscheduled day off. While the reason for taking the day off may vary, the reality is the same. You need a doctor’s excuse to get past the situation without doing too much damage to your image. Most people are not proud of having to deceive the people around them. However they feel much better if they can do it successfully if they need to do it. Using a fake note from a hospital, clinic or some other medical facility can be an effective option.

There are a number of good options when it comes to choosing a medical profession to use on your note. You can easily use any of the following:

1. General Practitioner
2. Psychologist or other Mental Health Professionals
3. Emergency Room Medical Form
4. Dentist or other dental professional
5. Gynecologist
6. Cardiologist
7. Chiropractor
8. Urologist
9. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it show the type of medical professional who commonly sees patients in an emergency situation or one off visit. As always the person filling out the form must be careful to fill in all fields and sign the form in the appropriate place. Make sure if there is a place which requires the medical professional to print their name you clearly write Drs. John and Jane Doe or whatever name you decide. Remember to sign it with the same name. Those kinds of details can make your note a lot more believable and dissuade your boss or professor from calling to verify.

Additional Options

There are a number of other medical communications people can use to cover an unexcused absence. They include:

1. Podiatrist (Foot Doctor) Note
2. Medical Absence Report
3. Oral Surgery Form
4. Return to Work Form
5. Standard Medical Excuse
6. Prescription
7. Eye Doctor Note
8. Dermatologist Note
9. Children’s Clinic Letter
10. General Clinic Letter
11. Mental Health Letter
12. Health Services Clinic Letter
13. Pregnancy Letter
14. Hospital Discharge Papers

There is no one right note that works for everyone. You have to understand your situation and decide what will work best for you. If you have had dental problems in the past, it will be plausible for you to have been forced to rush to your dentist for some emergency work. If you use this type of clear headed thinking when you are selecting t source of your fake doctors note your chances of having it accepted with question increases exponentially. Your demeanor when you turn in the note also makes a difference. But if you have a reputation for being honest and dependable turning in a fake note from a medical professional will work just fine.

Six Things You MUST Know Today About Fake Doctors Notes

Many employees feel that they need some time off. Work can be incredibly stressful notecollectionaespecially if you have a boss that is very demanding. What can an employee do to be able to have some fun and kick back and relax? The answer is download doctors notes. Here are six things you must know today about fake doctors notes.

Start By Choosing Your Ailment

If you have ever pretended to be ill, you know that your employer will want to hear a justifiable reason about why you will be absent from work for a few days. The illness needs to be one that could easily pop up in a day or two. Consider these ailments to use in your note:

• Mono

• Stomach flu

• Strep throat

• Feminine issue

• Depression

• Herniated disk

• Kidney infection

• Gallstones

• Ear infection

• Chicken pox

• Measles

• Fever

The excuses used need to be ones that will resonate with your employer so if he is afraid of germs then consider going the contagious route such as the stomach flu or strep throat. You may even get a call from your boss asking you to stay home even longer to prevent others from spreading the illness around.

Workplaces are known for viruses spreading quickly so many bosses are proactive and will ask people to stay home anyway because they know an epidemic equals loss productivity and time which makes them look bad. Use your boss’s attitude and mentality to your advantage to get as many days off as you want. For those week long vacations consider a sudden operation that you might need done or an illness like mono where you have to be in bed for more than a few weeks. It is essential to really think about what your objectives are when writing your excuse down.

Find a Template That Looks Awesome

There are more than 40 templates of excuses that can be downloaded to create fake doctors notes. Never use a free note because they are not unique. The downloadable notes look very professional and they can be edited. They have water marks and logos that look exactly like the ones that are used by medical professionals in clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices all across the world.

Choose a Type of Doctor to Use in the Note

The type of doctor that you are saying that has created your paperwork should be a specialist. You can choose from many different types of doctors. These include the following:

• Chiropractor

• Ear, nose and throat


• ER physician

• Psychiatrist

• Dentist

• Cardiologist

• Mental health professional

The type of doctor that you choose should be one that directly correlates with your alleged illness. For example, if you are stating in your papers that you have mono then a note from a family physician would be a good one to use instead of one from an ER physician.

If you want a day off from work then consider a note from a dentist. Oral surgery can be very painful and can result in an excusable absence. This is great for those spur of the moment days off that you might need to take.

Create a Doctor’s Name That Screams Authenticity

The doctor’s name should be one that screams authenticity. Do not try to be funny and use names like Dr. Pepper, Dr. Dre or Dr. Feelgood. Some people try to make jokes in their notes to their employers because they think the prank is funny but with your job on the line, you need to make medical forms that look 100 % real.

Research the names of physicians in your area such as Los Angeles or Dallas. Select two names and combine them to make a whole new name. One example might be to combine the names of Lonnie Siegel and Jeff Lewis to create your fake physician’s name. Dr. Jeff Lewis Siegel, MD. The name sounds very authentic and it should appear on all of the forms.

Edit the Body of the Forms to Create a Believable Note

These notes allow people to edit the bodies of them to add information to make them look legit. Your name, date of birth, doctor’s name, and illness should be stated very clearly. The note should inform the reader when the patient should return to work.

Make sure that whatever is written in the documents tells a story so that the employer who reads it will read it and think yes I am glad that person did not come into work today. Read everything out loud and check for any typos or errors.

If you have a close family member or friend, then you should read it to them. Ask for some additional feedback because everyone will have an opinion of what to write down. Two heads are better than one which allows for top notch excuse notes for work.

Print the Note after Careful Examination

The final step in the process is to review the format of the note and to check for any errors. There should be no missing information within the documents. The medical jargon used should sound common. Use a search engine to come up with medical terminology to add to the note to make it sound as convincing as possible.

notecollectionbSome words to include are discharge instructions, aftercare, medical release and medications to take for pain. The more terms you can add to the note the more likely it is to be believed by anyone. Go to to check out a great collection of notes.

Most employees feel as though they cannot even attempt skipping work because their bosses have it in for them. This means that the doctor’s notes that they turn in have to be top notch or else they could be terminated from their jobs which would hurt them financially.

Once the note has been printed, it will need a signatureto complete it. Doctors typically sign these forms with a pen so it is not a good idea to type the signature or scan it into the document. The note will have much more legitimacy if it has been signed after it has been printed.

How To Act Like You’re Ill and Pull it Off

Have you ever made it to work or school and then wish that you had just stayed home? Well, you’re not alone. There is an easy way to get out of it though; it just requires a little imagination. Both teachers and employers realize that when someone is sick their productivity level goes down and the ability to transfer the illness to others goes up. Becoming ill is the way to get out and it’s easy, just think back to the last time you were sick. Don’t try to fake anything to severe like typhoid fever or some unheard of disease; just something that’s contagious like a stomach virus or the flu. You don’t want anyone to get ready to call an ambulance, but enough so they will tell you to leave so they don’t catch it.

The first thing to do is act cold. Just about every illness changes the body temperature and causes the chills. Start by layering up on clothing, then nonchalantly look around and ask someone if they are freezing too. Frequently rub your upper arms as if you’re chilled and then wring your hands together as if you are trying to generate heat. Before you know it, these gestures will start bringing attention to you.

Next, do not act like yourself; instead think about how you behave when you don’t feel well. If you usually are outgoing and loud, become very quiet and stick to yourself. If you are normally polite and well spoken, become cranky and snappy when someone talks to you. Within no time, someone will ask you if everything is okay and that’s when you apologize and say you don’t feel well.

If you are faking a stomach virus the common symptoms are stomach cramping, lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting. It always starts with stomach cramping so occasionally tighten your stomach muscles and then put your hand over your stomach. If you can get a slight wince look on your face it’s an added bonus. Remember, the stomach empties one way or the other so make frequent trips to the bathroom.

The most common symptoms of the flu or a common cold are lethargy, a headache and body aches. Being lethargic is simple, just be lazy and show no energy at all. Whatever you are doing, do it very slowly and act like it is taking all your energy to do it. For the headache and body aches just rub your temples occasionally, rub the back of your neck and ask someone if they have an over-the-counter pain killer. Once you ask for that they are going to ask what the problem is.

Upper respiratory symptoms are also common with the flu and a cold. It is hard to fake a cough (unless you smoke cigarettes) so try to avoid it. Occasionally, breathe in heavy and touch by your ribs, this looks like your lungs are having a rough time of it. Next, if you can find something that can make you sneeze (such as pepper or sniffing hand soap) take it into the bathroom. Inhale some real quick and come out sneezing, don’t forget the tissue though.

Why People Get Caught With Fake Doctor’s Notes

fakedoctorsnotes341234It is quite simple; they either have made it themselves or downloaded a free one, which is not of professional quality. Quite a lot of people think they can create a fake note from a doctor on their own. Your friends may tell you that it is simple thing to do, and that you just need to write down a medical excuse and sign it with a fake signature. Your boss or professor is unlikely to care enough to double check it.

However, this is not the best way to go about writing or downloading and filling out the forms that are supposed to be from a doctor. It is worth making the effort to print legitimate medical papers. You want the fake note to appear as real as possible, so you have a clean and easy excuse to give you the least amount of trouble.

Before you make this mistake, you need to remember that a doctor’s note is a real legal piece of paper. Essentially, a drs sick note is a document that is printed on letterhead from a hospital or clinic or possibly the doctor’s private practice. It declares that you have been absent from your job or school because you have been sick and were not fit to attend the day you missed.

Here are some examples of why people were caught:

Overall Quality and Design

All of the printed material of the hospital is designed by professional graphic designer, as well as, the letterhead and logo on the notes from doctors. The format will be top quality and the print job as well. This is why making one yourself is not a good idea, as it would difficult to meet that standard. Free printable doctors templates are readily available, but they also have the problem of being poor quality. Those are usually made at home and put up for people to download, so it is not much different than making one yourself. If you don’t have the skills to make it professional, most likely, they don’t either.

Not Enough Information About the Doctor and Yourself

When you give a pretend medical note to your work or school, it is not just about writing out a medical excuse and signing it with a fake signature. There is specific information and a particular format in the way a real doctor’s note is written and filled. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize all the intricacies involved, and so they make do with a poor quality one or one they have made themselves and get caught.

A professional doctor’s note will include the name of the doctor, as well as, address and contact information of the doctor, hospital or clinic. The name and address of the patient, in this case you, is also included in the letter. The letter is dated and signed by the doctor, and sometimes a return to work date needs to be specified. These are things that even an unsuspecting professor or employer will notice right away — if they are missing.

Additional Documents are Left Out

If you are a student in Chicago or Atlanta, a letter may not be enough proof that you needed medical time off or were in hospital. You could be asked for proof that you bought medicine. Sometimes, a hospital discharge sheet, proof that you have been to the emergency room or medical receipts are necessary.

When you pay for a professional doctor’s template, you get all the additional documents or papers you need. This is essential to having a full proof excuse.

Used too Many Times

After the first time you use a doctor’s note as an excuse, it can feel so easy it is tempting to start using more often. This can prove to be disastrous, as your boss or teacher is going to get suspicious. Your authorities will start to question you further and start to check up on you more. Over use can ruin your future options of using a pretend discharge or release note. Save the use of a fake doctors note for those important occasions when you really need time off and you have no other option.

Call verification

You know you need to have a phone number on the note or it won’t be realistic, so you put one thinking your boss won’t bother to call. However, just when you think that, your boss will call the number you put on the letter, and you are caught. The problem with making your own note and using a free doctor’s template is that the number you put on the note is essentially useless. It that number does get called, you will be found out as you can’t get call verification on your own.

When you use a professionally made doctors note templates, with an additional small fee you can have call verification. Thus, you are safe when your employer or teacher calls the number.

Using an Unbelievable Excuse

It is hard to believe, but people have used the excuse of having the flu when their company has already given all their employees the flu shot. Needless to say, this made their employer suspicious and they were caught.

It is important to think through about what medical condition you are going to use. It has to be realistic to you and the condition you are presently in as well as the time of year. With professionally made fake doctor’s letters, you will have a wide variety of reasonable and realistic sickness or health conditions from which to choose.

Eye doctor’s note, dentist notes and a note from an ear nose & throat doctor are just some examples of the different samples available. These are notes that are certifiable, have signatures that appear authentic, clear graphic definitions and are customizable.
When you purchase your doctor’s note from a reliable place, in three steps you can have your excuse and peace of mind.

All you have to do is:

1. Download the note of your choice

2. Properly fill in all the information needed

3. Print it with a high quality finish on good quality paper

Creating a note from a doctor is definitely not just quickly jotting somthing down on a piece of paper yourself. Fortunately, there is no need to take the risk, as professional help is available.

Four Big Concerns With Using A Doctors Note Template

If you are someone who thinks that they might be alone in their want or even need to have a fake doctors excuses, you would most certainly be wrong. All across America, people have been developing ways to create their own doctor’s slips to get them out of something, excuse themselves for already missing something, or a host of other concerns. Anyone heading down this path of using a doctors note template should be adamant not to get tripped up by several rookie mistakes that can blow your white lie right open.

Before you get into the four primary concerns that can keep you from success when you create you own doctors excuse, you should understand just how something like this is even possible. There are entire websites dedicated to offering you printable and editable templates of common forms relative to doctors slips. All someone needs to do is to download the template, fill it out in a word processor or similar program, and then print out the result. The best part is that many of these websites are offering these documents for very little, or even free.

The primary concerns that seem to get people tripped up when they use these templates are the focus of this article. First, you have to learn how to fill out the form appropriately. Secondly, you are going to have to limit your use of these excuses. Thirdly, you are going to have to ensure that you are offering different templates for different supposed medical locations. Finally, you have to present these excuses with confidence and calmness.

Filling Out The Doctors Note

You have to take your time when you are putting one of these doctors note templates together for an educator or employer. Rushing and poorly thought out wording can lead to doctorsnotetemplatesuspicion and possibly serious consequences. No matter if it is for work or for school, taking time to learn how to fill this out appropriately will be critical to success. Fortunately, on many of the same sites offering templates to download for these forms, you will also find an example or two to give you a little bit of guidance in filling it out. To have an excuse appear legitimate, you need to provide a name of a doctor that isn’t overly generic or comical, something easy to believe. You should choose a medical facility in the area, but not necessarily right around the corner either. This is easier to do someplace like San Francisco or Detroit, as major cities offer hundreds of clinics and medical facilities along with each hospital.

Limiting The Use

Once you experience the thrill of handing in a fake doctors note with success, it might be overly tempting to use these to get out of all sorts of situations. However, these are the most effective when they are used with careful consideration. Limiting the use of them can ensure that they remain effective in times when you really need them to be. If you are attempting to get out of something consistently for a long duration of time, consider using one note to take care of this by providing a list of limitations on your slip you are handing in to your boss or professor.

Mixing It Up

One thing you should get out of the habit of attempting would be several notes from the same place, with the same or even different medical professionals. Spreading the love around can get you a little more confidence in your excuses, and gives you a less chance of getting caught up in your own charade. You should remember to completely change the template from one supposed medical facility to another. Your family doctor will likely have an entirely different note pad for excuses than your dentist will. You will benefit from mixing up what is wrong with you as well, unless you really want to have to complicate your fibbing. Sometimes you are going to be sick, but you need to have variances to attest to having good reason to be missing work or class, or a slip saying that you are finally better after your absence to return to work or school.

Having Confidence In Your Note

You know that some time ago the note that you are about to hand in was filled out by you in an effort to con your employer or teacher into believing there was a legitimate reason for your absence or upcoming absences. You know this, but the person about to get this completed doctors note template does not. Whether you have a discharge form drawn up from the hospital, a release from certain duties form, or a simple excused absence paper, confidence will be the key to success. You literally have to shed all anxiety about what you know about this note, and put on the face and body language of someone who is validated by handing this note in. Is it dishonest? A little. Do you need or deserve a little break from school or your job sometimes? Most definitely. If you need a great doctor note template, check out

Drs excuses are a good way to avoid disciplinary action from your employer or school from missing. You need to ensure that you are taking all of the necessary steps regarding the format of the note, and filling it out per an example that you might have seen online where you first got the template. This will prevent any mistakes in the way it is completed, and offer an authentic looking Drs note for whomever it was designed for.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning The Use Of Fake Doctors Notes

fakedoctorsnotesQuite often people find it necessary to use a fake doctor’s note in order to be excused from work or school without damaging their academic attendance record or adding points to their employer’s point based attendance policy. You can find out everything that you want to know about using a fake doctor’s excuse in the following Frequently Asked Questions session.

Are novelty doctor’s excuse really as good as the real thing?

Of course a real doctor’s excuse is better than a fake one, but there are times when obtaining a real excuse from your doctor are not possible. When this happens using an authentic looking document with your doctor’s name on it is a good choice.

Why use a fake doctors excuse if you are actually sick?

With the rising cost of medical care sometimes when a person has a minor illness such as a cold, flu, or virus it just isn’t possible or necessary to go to the doctor. However, many companies only allow their employees a certain number of unexcused days that they can miss at work before they will be terminated or placed on some type of suspension from their job, making the use of fake doctor’s notes necessary in many situations.

What is an attendance based HR policy?

This is a strategy some companies use to keep up with employee absenteeism. Such a policy adheres to a point platform for unexcused absences, once an employee reaches a certain level on that platform they will be discharged from their job.

Would fake doctors notes be sufficient to use in a court situation?

Yes, there are many situations in which fake doctors documents would help someone to gain an advantage. Example: A child support case in which it would be to the woman’s advantage if she were pregnant. A feigned document from her doctor stating that she is pregnant would help her to get the amount of child support that she feels she is entitled to.

Would a counterfeit document from a doctor work for a student who needed to skip class?

The use of a mock doctor’s excuse to get out of going to school, or even just to miss one class works great for students as well as teachers.

Why won’t my doctor write me an excuse to miss work when I’m actually sick and don’t feel like going to work?

If a doctor feels that a person is able to return to work, or thinks that they are feigning illness to get out of going to work he/she will not write an excuse mainly because it is actually going against a vow that they made in order to become a doctor.

What to look for in an imitation note to be excused from work or school.

Many doctor’s offices have pre-designed note pads to write these types of notes on so, you would want an excuse that is printed on a professional letter head or that uses a professional looking note template. The excuse should contain the doctor’s name, address, and phone number. As well as the patients name, address, phone number, the date that the patient was seen by the doctor, and the diagnoses that was made.

Can’t I just download one of the free faux doctor’s notes from the internet?

Today you can find just about anything that you want on the web, and many times for free. However, someone once said “you get what you pay for”, and they didn’t say it because their fake doctors note worked just fine. It is imperative that a simulated doctor’s note be professional looking, and believable even if you have to pay for it. You can get a legitimate looking doctors note for just a few bucks, and have peace of mind about it.

What happens if my boss calls the number on the fake note?

First of all if your note looks legitimate your boss won’t call. However, if you have a high quality mock excuse the number on the excuse will go to an answering machine that has the doctor’s name on it, and the option to be called back. If for some reason your boss asks for a call back due to privacy laws the doctor’s office can’t tell them a single thing without your express permission.

Can I buy a high quality legitimate looking doctor’s excuse?

Many websites today offer simulated doctor’s notes and documents, but there are few that offer truly legitimate looking, high quality notes that are undetectable. Be certain that you check out the note or document, and its contents thoroughly before you agree to purchase it.

Can I get a fake note from and emergency room or clinic or do I have to have one from a doctor?

Of course you can get an excuse from an emergency room or clinic. A note from an emergency room or a clinic works just as good and in some cases better than a doctor’s note. For example assume you want to avoid doing a certain difficult job at work. An excuse from an emergency room can get you put on light duty for a few days or even an entire week if you prefer.

If I order a doctor’s excuse how long will it take me to actually have the note in my hand?

You can purchase an imitation fake doctor’s excuse right off of the internet, download it, print it, and have it in your hand ready to pass on to whomever you will in minutes. There’s no long wait, no packages in the mail, and no delays.

My job requires that I drive long distance from Atlanta to Nashville. Will my newly purchased doctor’s excuse work wherever I go?

Whether you live in Atlanta or Nashville your simulated doctor’s excuse will work as a matter of fact if your job is in one place and you doctor in the other chances are even less that your boss will even call to verify the authenticity of your note. Click here to check out a good resource.

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